Who We Are?

Rajekar providing Host and Domains,VPS,Business Email We have been working in this field for 10 years So far, we've been working on more than 450 websites Development and Hosting , we have been worked with over 50 Business for Social Media Marketing and Runing Strategy ads.


Our goal is to serve you.

Some experienced young people are running this project with the aim of servicing you and developing the Kurdish web of the trainee on any side, organization, and group We have not opened our offices in Erbil and Soran to our customers and the protection of your service will help you in our advance Your projects if you have a project and you want to be aware if you have ideas you want to do it really if you are in the student class and you want to have websites if you don't have good expertise but you want to be an expert and choose a train with us We support your project.

Where are our data centers?

Rajekar is uses several different data centers for your projects for faster and more secure purposes


We Change your Idea into Project

creation of your project. as Rajekar We don't work only as a staff to sell services, but We are the ones who change your thoughts to the truth in a professional manner and to formulate your project in a perfect manner and at a reasonable cost.

We are Supporting our Customers

In addition to all the business work, we will be happy to work for your cooperation by providing host, dominoes, and other services for free or at a cost We are pleased that the trainees have so far helped more than 55 young people's projects for free in providing hoses and dominoes and creating their own projects.


What do Our Participants Say About Us?

The Comments and Opinions of The People and Places That The Rajekar Has Worked For.

* Comments are taken from the Rajekar page on HostAdvice's Website.