Premium DNS

Get secure, faster website performance and 100% DNS uptime

  • Fast & Secure

  • %100 Uptime

  • Easy to Management.

  • Best for your business.


Renew Price 9.98$/yr

PremiumDNS — always on duty

Your PremiumDNS service will always be on duty, easily able to monitor and intuitively secure DNS hosting on your behalf. Get DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) support to combat DNS attacks, super-fast DNS speeds with global Anycast servers handling the busiest of websites and your queries, and your website 100% available — for one hugely affordable price–per–year. Forget about lost connections and data leaks. Advanced DNS security with PremiumDNS has you covered.

Keep customer trust

You can be confident your visitors won’t suffer from attacks on their data. PremiumDNS with DNSSEC secures look-ups and prevents fake site redirects and more.

Secure customer queries

Visitors can always find your website. Up to 2 million of their DNS website queries (each month) travel safely on our global network.

Stop hackers

Your DNS information is distributed on 30+ Anycast edge servers built to withstand DNS DDoS threats or re-route your traffic to another node if needed.

Get ALIAS record support

You can make ALIAS records. These ensure your DNS records freely co-exist with other DNS records about your business — no more CNAME restrictions on apex domains.

Enjoy affordable prices

Your perfect business partner, PremiumDNS, easily secures your website for your customers, all at the lowest price on the market.

What is DNS and why is it important?

Most of us don’t think about it, but the DNS (Domain Name System) is used each day by everyone on the Internet to look up websites. The DNS runs the Internet, living in the background, making all the connections you need to run a website. But everything the DNS does is time-limited. If a connection request takes too long, it will simply drop the request.

Why do you need PremiumDNS?

The DNS is like an open address book, with public and private users — but unfortunately, not everyone is trustworthy. If your website is without the protection of a reliable DNS service, it can experience DNS disruptions and suddenly go offline.